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May 2012

Ta Touck Village School Newsletter 3.4MB

March 2012

Cambodian Village School started by a Brat
Ta Touck Village School just outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia was started 6 years ago after Rick Connell, make that Dr. Rick Connell, Heidelberg ’75, encouraged his father to return to Vietnam.

Rick, his father and brother went on that trip and then decided on a side-trip to Cambodia. Linked with an impressive tour guide, Rick asked the guide “if he could do anything – what would he really want to do?” The guide answered: the kids in my village have no school. I’d like to open a school for them.

Rick started forwarding small funds to the Guide and Ta Touck Village School was off and running.

In addition to being a classmate of Dennis’ from Heidelberg Rick is the creator/producer of our BratCon music theme. Impressed with BratCon’s outreach programs with active duty Brats, Rick asked Dennis to facilitate 501©3 status for the school and then to ultimately serve on its board. This led to Dennis and Jeri joining Rick and his two daughters on a trip to the school this past month.

The school is basically a compacted dirt floor – with 4 posts, a thatched roof, some textbooks, a white board, wooden benches and tables. Last year they acquired electricity. Pretty rudimentary by our standards but we were duly impressed with the education and English language the 60-100 village children are receiving. The school delivers “hope” through education for this entirely rural community.

Just looked at these smiling faces – eating American Hersey Bars for the 1st time!

Stay tuned for more information to come on this upstart school.

By: Jeri (Polansky) Glass '72

11 February 2012

Being a Military Brat has it's advantages.

Being a military brat is what Kim Clay believes took her to the next round of interviews for a high position at Walmart.

8 August 2011

Dennis Invited to be Guest Speaker at the Albuquerque Rotary Club
We're talking about military BRATS...Born, Raised & Trained. Want to know what value BRATS bring to the workplace and their communities?

Join us at the Del Norte Rotary Club meeting on Wednesday, August 24th at the Sheraton Uptown Hotel at noon, where you can hear from Dennis Campbell; Creator, Producer & Host of the worldwide Radio Broadcast.....BRATCON Radio. This weekly one hour show features BRATS from all over world. Recent guests include....Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint Nextel, Terry Serpico from the hit TV show "Army Wives," Donna Musil writer/director/producer of the Brat Documentary-"Brats Our Journey Home."

Who is Dennis Campbell? Dennis once lived in Albuquerque from December 1984 to June 1997. He is a U.S. Army Veteran from 1976-1980 and is a former Marketing Manager with Southwest Airlines, VP of Sales and Marketing at the Albuquerque Convention & Visitors Bureau and General Manager of the New Mexico State Fair. Among his many achievements and awards, his is particularly proud of the Mayoral Decree from Mayor Chavez in 1996 for his contributions to economic development in Albuquerque through tourism growth.

13 July 2011

BRATCON Radio Participates in Operation Military Kids Career Pathfinders Camp
July 13th found Dennis and Jeri at the campus of University of Arizona, with the remote radio equipment in hand and our Radio 101 Syllabus. We were going back to school!

OMK (Operation Military Kids) called and asked for our participation in a grant sponsored summer camp for military Brats of deployed service members. Career Pathfinders camp provides military teens, ages 13-16, with a “taste of college.” We presented Radio Broadcasting as a profession to over 70 “active-duty Brats” with an interactive learning workshop. The workshop consisted of a variety of both technological (show production) and life-skills including: self-responsibility, decision-making, problem solving, adaptability, teamwork and communication.

All service branches-Active Duty, Guard, Reserves, Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines were in attendance from across the state. We were honored to join the collaborative efforts with OMK and America’s communities to support youth impacted by deployment.

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10 July 2011

BRATCON will be presenting the profession of Radio Broadcasting to over 100 "Military Kids"at this OMK event.

Keeping in line with its mission statement, BRATCON Radio will be presenting Radio Broadcasting as a profession with an interactive learning workshop for the military teens attending this year’s Arizona OMK Career Pathfinder Camp. BRATCON is excited to join the collaborative efforts with OMK and America's communities to support youth impacted by deployment.

This year’s OMK Pathfinder Camp takes place from Tuesday, July 12 – Friday, July 15 (4 days/3 nights) at the University of Arizona Campus – Tucson, Arizona.

Participation in this event is open to ALL military teens ages 13-16, of ALL service branches – Active Duty, Guard, Reserves – Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines.

Together with OMK, BRATCON will provide participating military teens with a “taste of college” experience and exposure to a variety of Radio Broadcasting skills and technology through hands-on, youth focused activities and workshop sessions. BRATCON will offer an interactive learning workshop focusing on a variety of both technological (show production) and life-skills including: self-responsibility, decision-making, problem solving, adaptability, teamwork and communication.

17 May 2011
First Scholarship Awarded
Friends of BRATCON and BRATCON just awarded their 1st Scholarship to an "active-duty" BRAT. BRATCON partnered with Luke AFB Officer's Spouses Club (in the Phoenix area) on Tuesday, May 17th to award Colleen Meredith, a high school senior at Millennium High School, in Goodyear, AZ a $1,000 scholarship.

Thanks to Deb Winchester-Yamato H.S., Japan, BJ Jordan-Berlin American H.S, Don Dillon-Wiesbaden & Madrid H.S., Dr. Drysdale- President Emeritus AOSHS, Tina Calo-President of AOSHS, Gary Westhusin - AOSHS teacher, Pat Riley Blackwell-Rochefort H.S., France, Berlin Brats Alumni Association, Karlsruhe Alumni Association and Overseas Brats for their generous support.

Left to Right: Jeri Glass, Colleen Meredith & Dennis Campbell.

1 Apr 2011
iPad Drawing Winner
The iPad winner was Cheryl Lawson, a Mannheim and K-Town alumna.

Congratulations Cheryl!

17 Feb 2011
Friends of BRATCON, Overseas Brats, made a generous donation to BRATCON Radio. Thank you Overseas Brats!

Jan 2011
BRATCON got coined
Unit Challenge Coin gifted to BRATCON radio by the Commander of the 3rd BCT, RAKKASANS during interviews of families at Ft. Campbell, KY in January 2011.

26 Nov 2010
Our broadcast theme song "BRATCON Is On The Air" and other songs written by Army BRAT Rick Connell is available from itunes. A portion of the album sales supports BRATCON Radio.
Cover Art BRATCON Is On The Air -13 Colors Edition


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