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Brat Organizations

American Overseas Schools Historical Society
The overseas education of more than four million American children and youth since World War II is an unwritten chapter of American education and represents the schooling of several generations under circumstances unique to human history.

Berlin Brats Alumni Association
The place for Berlin Brats news and info on reunions, alumni, and contact information.

Brats: Our Journey Home
Documentary - U.S. military BRATS share intimate memories about their unique childhoods.

Military Brat Life
Dedicated to re-connecting Military Brats with with their unique heritage and each other.

Military Brats
Military-Brats Registry - Military Brats can search for their long lost friends!

Military Communities Youth Ministries (Club Beyond)
MCYM serves at locations with nearly 70,000 military teens.

Operation: Military Kids (OMK)
The U.S. Army's collaborative effort with America's communities to support children and youth impacted by deployment.

Brat Authors

Christine Kriha Kastner
"Soldiering On - Finding My Homes" Memoir of an Army Brat.

Marilyn Celeste Morris
Access to the book Once A Brat, Always A Brat by Marilyn Celeste Morris.

Mary Edwards Wertsch
Military Brats: Legacies of Childhood inside the Fortress. The most well known book written about being a Brat.

Michael Ritter
The Brat Chronicles - A humorous snapshot of one family who spent 20 years living life in Uncle Sam's shadow.

Michelle Cohen-Ferguson
Books for Brats - Home of the first children's picture books for military brats, Daddy, You're My Hero! and Mommy, You're My Hero!

Sarah Bird
Sarah Bird - Author of The Yokota Officers Club and numerous other books.

Sherry Ficklin
Sherry Ficklin, the author of the teen mystery, Military Brats: After Burn. Available now from Rebel Ink Press.

Stephen Mansfield
Stephen Mansfield, Berlin Brat and New York Times Best Selling Author. Wrote The Faith of George W. Bush, and 21 other books.

Guest Websites

Dr. Charles R. Roots
Senior Pastor - Ripon Free Methodist Church.

Kyle Lograsso
"Through Kyle’s Eyes" Foundation

Sponsors of BRATCON

Ashley Furniture
Offering beautiful home furnishings at a price you can afford.

Your one stop military BRAT shop.

OSB - Overseas Brats
Affirming your past. Preserving your present. Looking to your future.


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