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March 10, 2012

Status of Returning To The Airwaves

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Hello BRATHEADS and loyal listeners of of BRATCON Radio! Hundreds of you have emailed asking about our status of returning to the airwaves. While I can’t say with certainty when it will be, I am growing more confident it would be sometime this year. We have discussed our sponsorship approach and opportunities with numerous national companies and even with TriWest Healthcare, which many of you are familiar with. Many have asked how they can donate. While humbled by the gesture, I don’t want to accept donated monies and then don’t raise enough to get us back on the air. It would be a new exercise to return those funds. In the meantime, we will explore offering BRATHEAD merchandise through an on-line store with our new boy and girl version of the BRATHEAD logo. We’d love your feedback on how likley you would be in purchasing such merchandise. Stay tuned here on our website and blog for more updates and check our facebook page from time to time also….(BRATCON, The Brat Connection). Brugs, DC

June 27, 2011

BRATCON Radio to participate in Educational symposium

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On July 13th, 2011, As the creator and host of BRATCON  Radio,  I have been invited to present an education session on how to develop a radio broadcast to 100 “BRAT” high school students attending the Pathfinder Camp being held at the University of Arizona. This camp is organized by the Operation Military Kids folks and a great way to expose our fellow BRATS to various professions and career options. The attendees will learn about show development, equipment, formats, operations and marketing aspects of the radio business. This educational forum is in keeping with the core values and mission of BRATCON radio.

April 14, 2011

Friends of BRATCON Scholarship Drive

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Friends of BRATCON,

BRATCON, although the new kid on the block, has wanted from the start to establish a “student mentoring program” with our radio forum, similar to what many of us experienced at DoDD schools with the “work study program” and/or “hosting teen programs on AFN.” Secondly, we want to establish a “scholarship fund.”  The fund has recently been started with the proceeds of BRATCON music sales - (music donated by Brat-Rick O’Connell) although very much in its infancy.

As of this week, we have teamed with our local military base, the Luke AFB Officer’s Spouses Club, who we learned is already reviewing scholarship applications.  They are providing 5 – $1,000 scholarships to active-duty Brats and 2 – $500 scholarships to dependent spouses wishing to return to school.  


                                            We would like to be the 6th award to that deserving Brat!

However, time is of the essence here as their applications are being reviewed by a local independent Community College Board as I write with the awards being presented at a banquet on base May 17th.

Here’s where you come in.  Can we count on you for a Brat donation to kick off our 1st scholarship?  

If so, please make your check payable to:  BRATS in Broadcasting, LLC

                                                                    c/o Jeri Glass

                                                                    41630 N. Rolling Green Way

                                                                    Anthem, AZ 85086

Again, we don’t have much time…..May 17th is just 35 days away!

You should know that after they learned about BRATCON, our enthusiasm to give back and provide an educational opportunity both via a “mentoring program and our scholarship desire” they requested Dennis speak at their Board Meeting on May 3rd and then again as the guest speaker at the banquet on May 17th.  All this, regardless of whether we can match their scholarships this year/next month.

The JAG officer who blessed our teaming at Luke wrote:  

I hope that when my kids are college bound that the base we are at has as good of ties

to the local community to be able to offer similar programs and scholarships.

If we reach the goal, we would present the scholarship with the Name, School, Class Year (or alumni association) of each BRAT/school participating. So please provide this info on your memo line of check.  

We want the “current active-duty BRATS” to know we support them.  We all know they are facing more than a PCS move with either their father, mother or both seeing multiple deployments.  If you would like to include a personal message as well….we’ll pass that on in the same envelope.

Thank you for your consideration.

Meanwhile, continue to listen to BRATCON every Thursday evening and view our new/revised website.  and

Upcoming guests include some famous Brats, Dan Hesse-CEO of Sprint, Kyle Logrosso-the 8 yr old BRAT Golf whiz/cancer in

both eyes and Terry Serpico aka LTC Frank Sherwood of the hit Lifetime tv series Army Wives.

As always we enjoy hearing from each and every one of you!

Our best, 

Dennis, Jeri & Evan

March 26, 2011

Broadcast Update

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We just concluded our 20th show with the first in a two part series on BRATS in crisis zones and BRATS who have witnessed tragic event(s) involving Brats.  We have also been engaging the “potential advertiser” market to gain addtional sponsorship revenues, beyond our Charter Sponsor (Ashley Furniture Homestores) so we can bring on full time producer staff for show development, research, marketing and additonal ads sales.  Our efforts thus far have met with limited success, but did receive a  small donation from Overseas Brats Association. 

We recently met with the American Forces Network (AFN) Radio Program Director, and currently working toward an agreement for AFN Radio to re-broadcast our show to more than 1 million listeners in 175 countries.

We would very much like to start invloving kids (BRATS) as “student hosts” and field reporters to provide them exposure to the radio broadcast profession and connect with their fellow  adult BRATS. We will keep you advised of our progress.   Don’ forget, you can listen to past shows for FREE, by logging on to our network host page at  Also, your support by purchasing our theme song  album “BRATCON Is On The Air” 13 Colors edition would be of great help for covering our broadcast costs.  You can access the iTunes album store directly through this website, by clicking on the music tab.

And finally, you have 5 days remaining to register to win the FREE iPad.  The drawing will be held live on our show on March 31st.   Don’t Touch That Mouse!!!!  BRATCON IS ON THE AIR!

January 19, 2011

Broadcast Update

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Wow. We have been on the air for 10 weeks now and enjoyed interviewing BRAT authors, film maker, and others whose experiences span from 1946 to well into the 90’s. Other developmements include the new opening theme song written by Army BRAT, Rick Connell, as well as loyal listeners and callers to the show now known as BRATHEADS and former teachers & administrators of DODDS schools.

February shows are now confirmed and include a notable BRAT Author, hopefully our Ft. Campbell, KY broadcast of a unit returing from deployment and the folks from the Overseas BRATS Association. Our March shows and guests are in development and expect to hear about minority BRATS’ perspective and BRATS who lived in crisis zones.

In the meantime, remember to register to win the iPad that will be given away on the broadcast on 3/31.

Don’t touch that mouse and remember to listen to the past shows on podcast for free from our host page on the VoiceAmerica network.

September 23, 2010

Bratcon Radio Set to Air Live

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Its official!!! Bratcon Radio will launch its live weekly talk show on Veteran’s Day, 2010 (11/11/10).  The show will air weekly at 4p PT/7p ET on Thursdays, with the Internet Radio Network,, on their Variety Channel.  Don’t touch that mouse!!!  Stay tuned for announcement of our first exciting and notable guest.

March 25, 2010


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We are currently engaging radio station Program Directors and prospective advertisers for establishing the right fit and commence airing of the Bratcon weekly talk radio show. While our website is still under construction, it is live and expect to have a Bratcon Facebook page soon as well

March 24, 2010

Test post Bratcon Radio Spot!

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Test post from admin.  Should display Dennis and Pat’s pic at right and bratcon radio spot inserted at bottom…

March 14, 2010


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We are currently engaging radio station Program Directors and prospective advertisers for establishing the right fit and commence airing of the Bratcon weekly talk radio show. While our website is still under construction, it is live and expect to have a Bratcon Facebook page soon as well

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