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Guest: Biff, Kathleen & Robin Messinger


Our celebration of Veteran’s Day. Our guests are all BRATS; Mother, Father & Daughter. Don’t miss this family story and a harrowing story involving the daughter.

A truly dedicated military family. Biff Messinger and his wife Kathleen are children of career military fathers. Biff is a retired Army Officer. Their daughter Robin, was a Army helicopter pilot and flew combat missions in 2003, near Fallugah, Iraq.

Guest: Dan Smith

Dan Smith, one of five siblings, became a Brat in a different way than most -- not because his mother or father were serving -- but because his parents, divorced when he was very young. Dan went on to live in foster homes and orphanages along with his younger siblings. He eventually moved back in with his father in 1971, but his father abruptly died two years later while his older sibling was serving in the US Army in Munich, Germany. As a result, Dan's oldest brother, at 21, became his legal guardian. Dan was 13 at the time – a slightly unusual way to become a Military Brat! Dan ended up living in Bad Aibling with his brother and sister-in-law and attended Munich American High School -- a two hour daily commute. Dan wrestled and played football at Munich. After a PCS move, Dan graduated stateside, and decided to follow in his brother's footsteps joining the US Army. After leaving the Army, Dan became a GS civilian, living in Arlington, Virginia.

WEEK FIFTY-ONE 27 Oct 2011
Guest: Col. John Smith, US Army (ret)
Director of Public Relations & Marketing for Operation Homefront

Col. John Smith, US Army (ret) is the Director of Public Relations & Marketing for Operation Homefront. He spent 21 out of 30 yrs as a public affairs officer in more than 25 countries. The father of 5 BRATS: Randy Gibson served 5 yrs in the Marines; Christopher (Steve) is serving in the Navy, Steve Gibson, Sarah and Amy. He lives with his wife Angela (also a retired Army public affairs officer), in San Antonio. Oh yeah...Col. Smith was also a Brat! His father served in the Korean War and then in the AF Reserve for over 20 yrs.

Formed in February of 2002 as a 501(c)(3), Operation Homefront was developed to support the families of deployed service members. Headquartered in San Antonio, TX their target population is the American military personnel and/or their families who have "unmet needs" due to financial hardship, death, injury, or physical or mental detriment as a result of service. The majority being the lowest paid service members, the E-1 through E-6 enlisted ranks. In 2010, Homefront met 167,348 needs for military families from all branches of service.

WEEK FIFTY 20 Oct 2011
LIVE Remote from OSB's "25th Silver Anniversary" Gathering at the Mall of America, Minneapolis, MN

BRATCON travels to - Minneapolis/Bloomington, MN to attend the 25th Silver Anniversary of the Overseas Brats Gathering! Broadcasting LIVE from the Mall of America with a Guest Co-Host - who will have won the opportunity that night to co-host and interview attendees at the kick off event. 121 different schools will be present.

Guests: Chris Hasenbein

Chris Hasenbein's father and grandfather served in the British Army with more than a 100 years of combined service. She was born in '41 in Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, then lived in South Africa until the age of three. In '53 she attended The Windsor School, a boarding school operated by the British forces Education Service in Hamm, Germany for five years. Chris emigrated, with a friend from boarding school, to the USA in Nov '63. For years Chris was the USA committee member for the Windsor Society, an organization similar to our Brat Alumni Assns maintaining a database of alumni who now reside in the USA. Chris lives in Phoenix, married with three grown children and five grandchildren.

Guests: Senator John McCain & Ambassador Robert M. Kimmitt

The son & grandson of Navy Admirals, John McCain deeply values duty, honor & service of country. A graduate of the Naval Academy, he launched a 22-yr career as a naval aviator. On Oct 26, 1967, a missile struck his plane and forced an ejection, knocking him unconscious and breaking both his arms & his leg. He was taken prisoner of war into the now infamous "Hanoi Hilton," where he was denied necessary medical treatment and often beaten. He was elected to the Senate in '86, after serving two terms in the U.S. House, where he continues to serve today.

Ambassador Robert M. Kimmitt is Chairman of the Deloitte Center for Cross-Border Investment & Senior International Counsel at WilmerHale. He was the American Ambassador to Germany from '91-'93 & Deputy Secretary of the Treasury 2005-09. He attended Heidelberg American H.S.‘60-‘62 & Baumholder American H.S.‘62-‘64. A graduate of West Point in '69, served in combat w/173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam, & retired as a Major General in the Army Reserve.

Guests: "BRATS"...turn the tables on our Parents!

Winona Miles was born and raised in Sacramento, California. In 1960 she married Army Lieutenant Ralph Miles then spent the next 18 years traveling the world and raising their four Brats. Assignments included West Point, The Pentagon, two European tours and tours in Vietnam and Korea. In this interview, conducted by her son Daniel, Winona recounts her experiences as a military wife and offers insights into what it was like to raise Brats in the Army culture of the 60's and the 70's.

WEEK FORTY-SIX 22 Sep 2011
Guests: Brats at Outposts & Oil Kid w/Don Dillin and Kip Bettis

Born in California, Don Dillin's travel education began in 1961 when his Dad was assigned to Germany by Lockheed Aircraft. As the only Americans in a village outside Koblenz, Don and his brothers learned German fluently out of necessity. A year later, Don enrolled at Wiesbaden High School (USAF), 60 miles from home. The dorm full, he boarded with a military family. Don graduated from Madrid High School (Spain) in 1965.

In the 60's Kiplin "Kip" Bettis's headed to Benghazi, Libya where he lived for six years, then to Great Yarmouth, England for two years and then Tehran, Iran where he graduated from Tehran American School in 1970. He lived in nine houses and attended seven different schools, having teachers from all over the world. While living in these countries we always lived and shopped among the locals. Now in his 37th year with Halliburton Energy Services he is looking forward to retiring and traveling back to the places of his youth.

Guests: Nelson Pacheco - Brat Author and Daniel Pacheco, e-book publisher of "Book Brewer"

Nelson Pacheco, born in Puerto Rico was raised a Brat in NJ, TX, & France in the 50s/60s. A graduate from Poitiers American High School, France he was the acting chairman of the Math Dept-USAF Academy before retiring as a LTC. He served 20 yrs as a Pentagon defense analyst of military space systems before "really retiring." Attending his Poitiers Reunion inspired him to write "Boricua Brat." Nelson & his wife raised three Brats. His son Dan also joins us tonight.


Special 9/11 reflection and remembrance in advance of the 10th anniversary of those attacks, on our soil.

We want listeners to make a special effort to call in and share where they were and what they were doing when they heard about the attacks.

Guest: Marilee Fitzgerald - Acting Director of DoDEA (Dept of Defense Educational Activity)

Prior to becoming Director, Ms. Fitzgerald held several positions with the DoD school system including Chief of Staff, Chief of Executive Services, and Chief of Recruitment. She was responsible for conducting and overseeing long-range and strategic planning based on the strategic goals of DoDEA, the military, DoD initiatives and priorities, and Congressional requirements. She has also led many of the DoDEA reorganization and realignment projects, which included the decentralization of civilian personnel and other management functions within DoDEA.
A graduate of the Federal Executive Institute in Charlottesville, VA, she is the recipient of the Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Executive and the Dept of Defense Exceptional Civilian Service Award.

WEEK FORTY-TWO 25 Aug 2011
Guest: Chris Kastner - Brat Author

Chris Kastner, likes to think that her blood was tinged "army-green" as both of her parents were enlisted in the U.S. Army when they met. Definitely feeling different, having lived in 15 different houses and attending 10 different schools, Chris thought she was alone in her personal quest to return to some of the places she'd been, but has now learned that many military brats feel the same way. When an opportunity to make a return trip to the little island of Okinawa in the Pacific Ocean arose after 40 years, she couldn't pass it up. She scribbled in a steno book during that trip and when she returned home, began to write her book..."Soldiering On-Finding My Homes." A memoir of an Army Brat.

WEEK FORTY-ONE 18 Aug 2011
Guest: Top Officer Brat - Major General Frederick "Rick" Martin, Berlin HS, Germany

Major General Martin is the Director of Operations, Hdqtrs Air Mobility Command, Scott AFB, IL and responsible for policy and procedures for AMC - the organization responsible for keeping the longest continuous air bridge in history running between the U.S. and SW Asia to supply our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The General entered the AF in '81 as a distinguished graduate of the United States Air Force Academy. A command pilot with over 5,000 hours in a number of aircraft he was raised an AF Brat and graduated from Berlin American High School. His father was an AF Colonel, Chaplain, and pilot.

WEEK FORTY 11 Aug 2011
Guests: Operation Military Kids and Heidelberg 2011 Reunion Interviews

Teresa Noon, the Senior Project Director for Arizona's Operation Military Kids joins us as we review our career workshop on broadcasting, part of a grant sponsored summer camp for military Brats of deployed service members. Career Pathfinders Camp provides military teens, ages 13-16, with a "taste of college." We presented Radio Broadcasting as a profession to over 70 "active-duty Brats" with an interactive learning workshop.

Additionally we feature "live" interviews from last week's Heidelberg High School Reunion (in Heidelberg, Germany!). One special interview highlights an active duty Brat who took his R&R from "down range" to attend his Reunion!

Guest: Top NCO Brat - Mark Maselli, Chofu HS, Japan

Mark Maselli, was the 9th Command Chief Master Sergeant of the Maryland Air National Guard. An AF Brat, his father Pietro Maselli, is a retired Master Sergeant. Mark attended DoDDs schools in France and completed 8th grade through his Junior year at Chofu Middle & High Schools in Japan. During his career he worked as an aircraft maintenance specialist on the F-4 Phantom II's and the F-15 Eagles, a crew chief on KC-135's and B-52's, air traffic control radar tech, production recruiter, and recruiting & retention superintendent. He attained CMS in Dec of '04, Command Chief in '06 and retired in 2010.

Guests: 2011 Multi-School Reunions/Brat-Faculty Book Project
Guest Co-Host: Joe Condrill, OSB w/Jeri Glass

Tonight we share with our audience those schools which have already had Reunions in 2011, those that are upcoming, and information on Reunion planning. We will feature a "LIVE" call in from the Frankfurt Reunion in Colorado Springs and then hear from the two Brats chronicling the experiences of Brats & Teachers who lived overseas through two book projects.

DoDDs Reunion in Orlando, FL
Guests: Billy Hobbs- DoDDs Reunion Planner w/3 teachers
Guest Co-Host: Joe Condrill, OSB w/Jeri Glass

Bill Hobbs is proud of his 34 years in the classroom, 30 of them with DoDDS. This boy from East Texas launched his DoDDS career one hot and humid August in 1967 when he landed at Kadena Air Base in one of those MAC DC-8 jets out of Travis AFB. He was assigned to Kubasaki High School and stayed there for six years before transferring to the European theatre. In Germany, it was Baumholder High School and eventually to Frankfurt High School and then retiring from Patch High School, 30 years later. He taught English, journalism, humanities, psychology, and graphics arts.

France Brats
Guests: Pat Riley Blackwell & Lance Burris

Pat became an Army Brat at age 10 when her mother remarried. Her stepfather was transferred to LaRochelle, France the summer of 1952.

Lance is an Army Brat and Veteran. In 1953 the family moved to Camp Bussac, France where he enrolled in Rochefort American High School. He was one of the first students to open the school and lived in the dorms.

Diplomat Brat
Guest: Virginia Baker

Virginia Baker grew up in US Embassy communities around the world. She lived in Canada, Australia, Germany & France, from the age of 14 until college graduation. While in college she spent every summer in France, working full time at the US Embassy in Paris where her father was assigned. Since graduation, Virginia has enjoyed over 12 years in management in the corporate arena in Phoenix, AZ. Virginia has drafted a memoir of her upbringing, as well as a children’s book.

CEO of Sprint and alumnus of Frankfurt & Stuttgart
Guest: Dan Hesse

Dan Hesse is a true Army Brat, born at Ft. Belvoir, VA; he attended 10 schools by the time he graduated from high school. He is an alum of Frankfurt American High School as a junior and Stuttgart for his senior year. Dan spent 23 years at AT&T, then served at Terabeam Corp and then Embarq Corporation. In December of 2007 Dan was named CEO of Sprint Nextel where he can be found today.

Author "The Yokota Officers Club"
Guest: Sarah Bird

Sarah Bird is always amazed how often the most competent, reliable, successful people she meets turn out to be Brats! Author, columnist, screenwriter, she wrote "The Yokota Officers Club." Her work has appeared in Oprah’s Magazine, NY Times Sunday Magazine, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Ladies Home Journal, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, MS, and Texas Observer. Sarah has written screenplays for Paramount, CBS, Warner Bros, Nat'l Geographic, ABC, TNT, & Hemdale Studio.

Creator of Military Brats Online
Guest: Vann Baker

Vann grew up in an Army BRAT. He lived in Mannheim, Germany in the early ‘60s, had several stateside assignments and then in his senior year moved to Florstadt and Bad Nauheim, Germany graduating from Frankfurt American High School in 1974. Vann created Military Brats Online. It was the first website entirely devoted to preserving Military Brats culture and helping Military Brats to re-connect with each other. An owner of a graphic design company Vann lives with his wife and rescued dogs in Duluth, GA.

Guest: Terry Serpico a.k.a. LTC Frank Sherwood from Lifetime TV "Army Wives"

Terry Serpico is a veteran Actor, stuntman, voice-over artist and father. While his career has spanned 22 years, he is best known as LTC Frank Sherwood on the hit tv drama series “Army Wives”
on the Lifetime Channel. Terry was born an Army brat and was stationed at 5 posts in the US and Germany before his Dad retired as a full Colonel in 1980. He's just returned from a USO Tour to Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan: his second trip to the region. He's written a blog chronicling the trip on Force Protection.com. Terry has two children and lives in NJ.

WEEK THIRTY 2 Jun 2011
Berlin Airlift
Guests: Dan Bunting '49 Berlin & Col Halvorsen "The Candy Bomber" - Berlin Airlift
Co-host: Jim Branson

Daniel L. Bunting, Ph.D, was proud, pleased, and humbled to have his father “enlist” his help to unload planes of the Berlin Airlift while he was attending high school in Berlin. Dan eventually returned to the states, enrolled in University HS, attended U of Oregon then entered the U.S. Army– 82nd Airborne Division. The author of a few books, he wrote: “The Young Ambassadors” which depicts the life of teenagers in Occupied Germany from 1946-49. While in Berlin attending the 60th Anniversary of the Berlin Airlift in 2009 the banquet attendees received a call from VP Joe Biden inviting them to a White House reception over Veteran’s Day that same year.

COL Gail Halvorsen joined the United States Army Air Corps in June 1942. After WW-II he flew in the Berlin Airlift where he became known as, “Uncle Wiggly Wings,” the “Chocolate Flyer” and/or the “Berlin Candy Bomber.” The blockade of Berlin began in June 1948 and ended 12 May 49. Flights continued until 30 September 1949 to build up reserves. During the past year he has made five drops of parachutes and candy to elementary schools. The father of five, two of his kids attended Berlin American High School while Commander of Tempelhof. Three of his grandchildren have attended a school named for him in Frankfurt, Germany.

BRAT "Memorial Day Remembrance" Remembering the Fallen....
Guests: Barbara Walker Bartlett & Bart Bartlett

Barbara Walker Bartlett was born in Munich, Germany, the daughter of a career Air Force pilot. Born, raised and travelled around the world like other military brats, learning to adjust at an early age. Attended elementary school at Bitburg Air Base and Ramstein AFB, Germany; high schools in Paris France and Stuttgart, Germany among many stateside bases. Barbara met an alum at the 2008 Paris American High School Reunion, Bart Bartlett, class of ’57, and married him in a red, white and blue military wedding thirteen months ago. She is the proud mother of three married daughters and grandmother to five.

Bart Bartlett comes from a long line of Army Veterans - going back in an unbroken line to before the Civil War. Bart followed his family around the world - as did all of our BRATS - living In South America, Central America, Japan, Africa, Italy, Germany and France. Following his graduation from Paris American HS in 1957, Bart followed his family tradition and attended West Point and later graduated from Seattle University, commissioned through the ROTC program. Since his retirement Bart has pursued a successful career as a business development vice president with several defense contractors in the Washington, DC area. Bart met his wife Barbara, also a BRAT, in 2008 at a Paris American High School reunion and married her in 2010.

Golf Brat
Guest: Kyle Lograsso
Co-host: Kyle Hoeye

Kyle Lograsso is your typical BRAT. Well maybe! Born on May 28th, 2002 at Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital. He then moved to Iwakuni, Japan where he fell in love with the game of golf. While here he was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma Cancer, which almost took his life! Kyle lost the use of his left eye. Like most BRATs he has had to move, now in his 9th house and 3rd school BUT he makes sure he knows where the golf course is! He has played with Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Hunter Mahan, & Greg Norman. He has thrown out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium and Dodger Stadium, spent time with Tommy Lasorda, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Last year at his 1st tournament Kyle raised over $60,000 for his charity “The Through Kyle’s Eyes” foundation and happened to make his first Hole-n-One. He inspires everyone he meets and will leave you with a smile!

Guest: Michael Ritter

Michael Ritter, born to Airman First Class Ray Ritter and his wife, Margaret on what would be an 18-year journey as a Military Brat. A graduate of Kaiserslautern American High '73, Michael took a year to explore Europe before starting college at St. Edward’s University and the University of Texas at Austin. He is currently employed by the state of Texas helping people with disabilities find work or live independently through the use of assistive technology. Although he has enjoyed a varied career path including being an editorial cartoonist during the 1980’s, Michael always harbored a desire to write a book about growing up as a military dependent, a life where people spent their childhoods in a khaki world that stopped promptly at 5pm to pay homage to the flag; where everything was painted in shades of olive-drab, and “hometowns” were places that only existed on television. We take a look at his humorous book, The Brat Chronicles: Stories from the Demilitarized Zone.

AFN Student Hosts/Disc Jockeys
Guests: Jim Branson & TD Jorgensen

Jim's father spent a total of 44 years in the Army. Jim's early life was spent in Missouri, Kansas, Japan and Indiana with an older sister and two older brothers. He attended schools in Omaha, Tokyo and Lawrence, IN, outside of Fort Benjamin Harrison. While attending Berlin High School he watched The Wall being built on Aug 13, 1961. Transferred to Ludwigsburg/Stuttgart 1962, 1963 to Fort Sill, OK where he graduated from Lawton High School. He attended Cameron State Agricultural College in Lawton. Three years in the Army ... Fort Myer, Virginia, Fort Ben Harrison, Indiana & Munich, Germany. 18 years in retail and logistics and 18 years in radio, and has spent the last 7 years working in the biotech industry.

T.D. Jorgensen is the son of George E. Jorgensen, a D.A.C. (Dept. of the Army Civilian), who was employed by the E.E.S. (AAFES) at the Palace of Justice in Nürnberg. TD attended Nurnberg American High School, graduating in 1962. While at NHS, T.D. joined the Radio Club, which aired the “Teen Tune Time,” and “Teen Hi/Lo Down,” radio shows on AFN-Nurnberg. A Michigan State University alum, T.D. entered the U.S. Army, went to Fixed-Wing Flight School, and served in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne Division. After a 3-year stint at Randolph AFB, he left the military to fly for Delta Air Lines, only to have picked a time when the Arabs decided to use oil to boycott The West, and his dreams of a civilian aviation career ended. He has been in the life & health insurance industry since 1974. He helped organize the Nürnberg Alumni Association, Inc., and is credited with founding their alumni organization.

Author & Child of the Year
Guests: Michelle Cohen-Ferguson & Kyle Hoeye

Michelle Ferguson-Cohen is a children's book author, illustrator and publisher. She wrote, illustrated and published the first commercially available children's books for military brats and the first children's picture books for children coping with deployment. Michele is a Brat, the daughter of a retired, career military officer and Airborne Ranger who served two tours in Vietnam, the sister of a veteran who served in support of the Gulf War and the granddaughter of a soldier KIA in WWII. She has been called the "Dr. Seuss for Military Brats" by the Washington Times. Ferguson-Cohen established Little Redhaired Girl Publishing to publish her books as part of a series she entitled “Books for Brats” to encourage pride in the term "Military Brat" outside the military community.

Kyle Hoeye is the US Army Military Child of the Year and has made helping military families his life's work. During his father's three deployments, Kyle has worked to help other military children become more resilient. Kyle is one of only two teens in Arizona certified to teach military kids how to use advanced technology through the 4H program. With the help of his high school Key Club, he was instrumental in putting together Operation Military Kid's Hero Packs and handwritten hundreds of letters to local military children, thanking them for their service. Since his father serves as an full time/active duty service member with a National Guard unit, an important part of Kyle's job has been to teach non-military families about the hardships of military families and the fact that kids serve too.

Luke AFB – Springfest & Thunder Days
Guests: Military Families

As a tribute to National Military Child Appreciation Month, BRATCON Radio will air interviews with families stationed at Luke AFB, including the Base Commander, BG JD Harris, who is also a BRAT. The Bratful youth received BRATCON Dogtags and a copy of the theme song album, BRATCON Is On The Air. Interviews took place at Thunder Day, the annual airshow at Luke and Springfest, the annual base outdoor entertainment event.

BRATS in Ministries Part II
Guests: Rev. Gary Karschner & Marty McCarty

Rev. Gary Karschner recalls the best thing about being a brat was the exposure first hand to memorable historical & significant events in the world. The friends he met over 40 years ago are “among the most valued people I am privileged to call friends today.” Every new order was the same drill: Look up the new base & figure out if he had friends there. He is currently the minister at Miles United Methodist Church. "I am where I need to be and He makes me humble to work for Him."

Marty McCarty is currently the Executive Director of Military Community Youth Ministries, also known as MCYM / Club Beyond. Prior to his current position, Marty served for 7 years in Germany, first as a local community director in Wurzburg & then as the European Director in Heidelberg. MCYM / Club Beyond now has over 100 staff on 47 military installations. Marty grew up as an Army brat & then spent 20 years in the restaurant business before returning to his military roots & joining the Club Beyond staff in 1999.

BRATS in Ministries Part I
Guests: Chuck Roots & Gail Porter

Dr. Charles R. Roots, or “Chas” as he was known in his Brat days attended a bilingual school in Paris, France (60-61, 7th), then the Oslo American School (OAS) in Norway (61-63, 8th-9th). He completed high school back in the States in 1966. During his time in the Marine Corps while in Vietnam he committed his life to Christ. Early in the 1980s he was commissioned as a Navy chaplain, retiring from the naval reserve as a captain in 2008 with a total of 34 years of military service. He has been the senior pastor of the Ripon, CA Free Methodist Church since 1998. He has been married to Isaura 35 years on June 5.

Gail Porter graduated from Tehran American High School in 1977. She attended Washington State University as a scholarship student in ROTC and graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of Business Administration. She joined the Army right after graduating college, working in both medical and maintenance logistics. She served in WA, MD, and Germany.
In 1986 she met a retired Army Chaplain who suggested she look into become a chaplain herself. Several years and many obstacles later, she became an Army Chaplain in 1994. She began as a chaplain with the 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood Texas, and went on to serve at the Joint Multinational Training Center in Hohenfels, Germany; the Family Life Chaplain Training Center at Fort Hood, Texas; and the Army Medical Center and School at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.
Gail has been retired from the Army since December 2007.

Brats in Crisis Zones Part II
Guests: Thom McInnis, Jeff Cook & Karen Oliver

Before he was 25, Thom had lived in 7 countries on 4 continents. The son of a career CIA officer, Thom attended schools in Bolivia, Ecuador, Berlin & graduated from the Tehran American School in Iran. After High School, Tom joined the US Army & was stationed in Germany. He went on to work with the National Security Agency & was stationed in Honduras, Brazil, Columbia & El Salvador. He studied Environmental Resource Management at Texas State University & worked as Program Supervisor for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Tom now works for the City of Austin as a Business Systems Analyst.

Jeff and his four siblings, one older brother and three sisters, were military children of Ennis and Tokiko Cook. His father was in Army Special Forces. Jeff spent most of his pre-adult life traveling with his father's military career. He and his family were mostly stationed in the Middle East, more specifically Tehran, Iran from 1976-79. After leaving Iran, Jeff finished High School in San Diego and graduated from college in 1991. He has worked in La Jolla, California in Biotech for the last 15 years and is married with two children. Jeff, as many Brats, has continued to travel the world as an adult.

Karen was born in Italy & started school in Lagos, Nigeria at the American International School. Her father was PA Officer with the US Embassy. After arriving in 1977, Karen was evacuated from Tehran. In 1979 her father was assigned to Ottawa, Canada, just before 52 of his friends & colleagues were taken hostage for 444 days. Karen graduated in Bethesda, MD. She attended Syracuse University & University of Maryland. After college she moved to Los Angeles & worked in recording studios & editing for TV animation. She is currently an elementary school guidance counselor in Orange County, CA, where she & her husband are raising their 3 children.

WEEK TWENTY 24 Mar 2011
BRATS in Crisis Zones Part I
Guests: Ro Vaselaar & Nicole Talbot

Ro Vaselaar grew up an Army Brat. As a result, she's called many spots around the globe home. She started school in Puerto Rico and graduated from high school in Verdun, France. December 1960 found her a freshman at the University of Maryland in Munich Germany. The victims of the fatal plane crash in downtown Munich, Dec. 17, 1960 were her friends and classmates. Ro's globe-trotting youth locked travel into her DNA and led to a career in travel & tourism. She started the in-house ad agency for the Omaha Convention & Visitors Bureau, and became the founding director of the Flagstaff Convention & Visitors Bureau. In the late 90's, when countries in the former Soviet Union were trying to rapidly become competitive in a global, capitalistic economy, Ro worked in both Russia and the Ukraine on tourism projects. Ro is retired now and living in Anthem, AZ. Ro still enjoys packing the suitcase and heading off for a new adventure.

Nicole Talbot is a Navy brat, a software testing professional, and a retired Naval Reservist. She spent considerable time living overseas as a dependent to a military father, stationed on Guam and Cuba, in Spain and Italy, and multiple bases on both coasts of the United States. Her experience as a military brat was greatly influenced by the Cuban Missile Crisis as she was one on the dependents evacuated from Guantanamo Bay during that conflict.

Brat Author
Guest: Sherry Ficklin

Sherry is a full time writer from Colorado where she lives with her husband, four kids, two dogs, and a fluctuating number of chickens and house guests. A former military brat, she loves to travel and meet new people. She can often be found browsing her local bookstore with a large white hot chocolate in one hand and a towering stack of books in the other. That is, unless she's on deadline at which time she, like the Loch Ness monster, is often only seen in blurry photographs. Her teen fantasy series, The Gods of Fate Trilogy, is forthcoming from Dragonfly Publishing. Book 1, Foresight, is now available and book 2, SecondSight, will be available Fall 2011. She is also the author of the teen mystery, Military Brats: After Burn which is available now from Rebel Ink Press.

Minority BRATS, Experiences Inside and Outside the "Fortress" Part II
Guests: Dr. George Junne, Daniel "Rock" Rockholt & Melissa Jenkins-Simon

Dr. George Junne is a professor at the University of Northern Colorado. He is also a fossil hunter for the University of Michigan’s Museum of Paleontology. Current research interests include the Mass. 54th Infantry (Colored) of the Civil War, the Imperial Black Eunuchs of the Ottoman Empire & the Black farming community of Dearfield, CO.

Daniel "Rock" Rockholt is an award winning photographer & an Officer in the Navy Reserve. He has lived as a military brat in Japan & Turkey. His experience was featured in the award-winning documentary “BRATS: Our Journey Home”. He was interviewed on CNN’s “This Week at War,” discussing his overseas brat experiences.

Melissa Jenkins-Simon is Founder/CEO of CI, Inc. Creative Innovations is a social service agency that counsels children & families & operates shelters & transitional homes for children & women. Her father served 32 years in the Army.

Minority BRATS, Experiences Inside and Outside the "Fortress" Part I
Guests: Dr. George Junne, Samille Harris Clark & Peter Grammer

Dr. George Junne is a professor of the Africana Studies Department at the University of Northern Colorado & is its chair. He’s a military brat who has lived in both Germany & France, attending Kaiserslautern American High School & Verdun American High School.

Samille Harris Clark is a HR Consultant & a trained professional Mediator. Her father served 26 yrs. in the Army, meaning Clark’s education began in segregated public schools in Washington DC & Maryland. Those early experiences spurred her desire to excel in collective bargaining & fundraising, & ultimately champion the rights of workers & the undeserved.

Peter Grammer is one of 12 Afro-German orphans adopted by CWO Oscar & Mabel Grammer in post-WWII Germany. He’s a 1965 graduate from Karlsruhe American High School & serves as the class rep for the Alumni Assn. After a 20 year career in the Army, 11 in the Kaiserslautern, Germany area, tours in Korea & Alaska; he has worked the last 26 years.

WEEK SIXTEEN - 24 Feb 11
Nuremberg Trials
Guest: Joan K. McCarter Adrian

Joan K. McCarter Adrian '49's BRAT life began when her mother remarried a young Capt. in June 1943. Then, in 1948, she moved to Germany when her stepfather was sent there on assignment. This was a time when the Nuremberg Trials were going on and many of Joan's classmates had parents involved with the trials. She graduated in 1949 and began working a clerical position with the Special Activities Division in the Palace of Justice. In May 1949, the War Crimes Tribunal adjourned and SAD took over the building as a headquarters. SAD was in charge of all European Exchange System personnel and facilities, the Entertainment Division, Athletic Division and Officer, NCO and Enlisted Clubs. She worked for EES personnel, as Chief File Clerk for Central Files and with the Athletic Division. She added to her BRAT life in 1950 when she met her husband, Donn -a new 2nd Lt. They have 4 grandsons, 2 great grandchildren and currently live in Frankfurt, KY.

WEEK FIFTEEN - 17 Feb 11
OSB - Overseas Brats
Guests: Joe Condrill, Sunny Schwentner & Jeri Glass

BRATCON Radio announces OVERSEAS BRATS founder Joe Condrill & his team, Sunny Schwentner & Jeri Glass on 17 February 2011 at 4:00p PT on the VoiceAmerica.com/variety Network. Joe Condrill is President of OVERSEAS BRATS, an organization for Military & Overseas Brats & Educators. As a Brat, he lived in 21 homes in the U.S., Germany, France, Thailand, & Iran. An Air Force veteran, he worked 11 years in public relations & meeting planning. OVERSEAS BRATS has helped over 500 alumni groups & thousands of Brats & Educators with reunion planning, alumni organization, magazine publishing & creating chances for Brats to connect with other Brats & Educators. OVERSEAS BRATS success comes from the contributions of Brats like Sunny Schwentner & Jeri Glass. Sunny is involved in nearly all activities for her Kubasaki alumni group, OVERSEAS BRATS & AOSHS. Jeri worked tirelessly and rebuilt a thrieving Berlin alumni group, & works with AOSHS and OVERSEAS BRATS

Brat Author
Guest: Stephen Mansfield

BRATCON Radio announces New York Time bestselling Author and popular speaker Stephen Mansfield on 10 February 2011 at 4:00p PT on the VoiceAmerica.com Network. Stephen was born in Georgia but grew up in Europe due to his father’s career as an officer in the U.S. Army. He attended a Christian college, earning a Bachelor’s degree in history and philosophy. He then moved to TX where he pastored a church, completed two Master’s degrees, hosted a radio show and began his reputation as a speaker. In 1991 he moved to TN where he again pastored, did relief work with the Kurds in Iraq, served as a political consultant, and completed a doctorate. During this time he launched his writing career. His first book on Winston Churchill was a Gold Medallion Award Finalist. Some of Stephen’s other works include: The Faith of George W. Bush; The Faith of the American Soldier; Benedict XVI: His Life and Mission; The Faith of Barack Obama; The Search for God and Guinness.

Welcome Home Troops
Guests: Ft. Campbell’s 3BCT, 101st

BRATCON Radio announces Ft. Campbell’s Third Brigade Combat Team (3BCT), 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) “Rakkasan”, airing 3 February 2011 at 4:00p PT on the VoiceAmerica.com Network. Join us as we explore the unique perspective of BRAT’s welcoming home their service men and women. We will meet with the sons, daughters, spouses and other family members at the “Welcome Home Ceremony” for Ft. Campbell’s 3BCT Units returning home from Afghanistan. Currently deployed to Afghanistan, the “Rakkasans” are engaged in the full spectrum of military operations from engaging the enemy to helping the people of the Khowst, Paktya and Paktika Provinces develop sustainable government and infrastructure.

WEEK TWELVE - 27 Jan 11
Guest: Larry Sichter

BRATCON Radio announces Larry Sichter, 20 years into a career working for the American Forces Network, is dedicated to ensuring no Sailor, Soldier, Airman or Marine, or DoD civilian employee stationed overseas goes without news, information and entertainment from home. His dedication began in 1963, when his father, Donald Erwin Sichter, a U.S. Navy Radioman, and his family were stationed in Karamursel, Turkey. A time and place when news, like news of President Kennedy’s Assassination, was limited or nonexistent. Since then, he has continued his service as a BRAT, working professionally as: Chief of Network Television, AFN Europe and Production Specialist, V-Corps in Frankfurt, Germany; Production Specialist, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, HI; Utility crew/audio assistant, ABC Wide World of Sports, Honolulu, HI; Videotape Operator/studio crew camera operator, KHON-TV2 and Producer/director, studio supervisor, KHET-TV, Honolulu, HI.

WEEK ELEVEN - 20 Jan 11
Brat in Music
Guest: Dan Miles

BRATCON Radio announces Dan Miles, born in England in 1963, was 3 years old before setting foot on the N. American continent in Elk Grove, CA, while his dad served in Vietnam. In 1967 Dan lived in West Point, NY and in 1971 in Alexandria, VA while his father worked at the Pentagon. From 1973–76, Dan moved to Heidelberg for his father’s assignment, one of which was battalion commander. Dan then lived in Bayside, Queens as his father worked for the North Atlantic Division in Manhattan. At age 13 Dan started playing guitar and performing in bands. In 1978, as a high school sophomore, his father retired from the Army and his family moved to Sacramento. He continued to perform in bands through the mid 80's, moving up in the local music scene, playing mostly in Northern CA, but also performed in the Southwest with stops in Yuma and Scottsdale. In 1991, Dan moved to Phoenix to start a paralegal buiness called GCS Search Company, Inc., which assists in the formation of corporations, research public records and act as statutory agent for companies. He continued writing music, releasing a CD of original music in 2009.

WEEK TEN - 13 Jan 11
Pacific theatre Brat
Guest: Jon Yim

BRATCON Radio announces Jon Yim is an Army Officer BRAT who spent time in WA (Ft. Lewis), HI (Schofield Barracks, Ft. Shafter, Tripler AMC), TX (Ft. Sam Houston) and Okinawa (Ft. Buckner). He’s a 1976 graduate of Kubasaki HS, Okinawa. Jon arrived on Okinawa in 1973, a year after the Ryukyus returned to Japanese control in 1972. In school, Jon was involved in Kubasaki's work-study OJT program, learning broadcasting at the local AFRTS outlet (Far East Network-Okinawa). Jon enlisted in the US Navy in 1976 and went to sea aboard the USS WHITE PLAINS. He served as a deck seaman for 18 months and then applied for the Journalist (JO) enlisted rating. In 1978, he graduated from the Defense Information School at Ft. Benjamin Harrison, IN. Jon’s military tours included: Ship's Journalist, USS WHITE PLAINS (Yokosuka, JA), Staff Announcer, Far East Network-Tokyo (Yokota AB) and East Network-Okinawa (Kadena AB/MCB Camp Butler),

WEEK NINE - 6 Jan 11
Brat Author
Guest: Mary Edwards Wertsch

Mary Edwards Wertsch, a seasoned investigative reporter and writer, is the author of the non-fiction book Military Brats: Legacies of Childhood inside the Fortress, which broke new ground in its analysis of the military as a home culture for the children raised within it. Wertsch has an authentic brat resume of her own: The daughter of a career Army infantry officer, her childhood encompassed three countries, 20 different houses, and 12 schools by the time she was 18. Her B.A. in philosophy was earned at the College of William and Mary, a popular college destination for military families of the time. Currently she lives in the Midwest in dwelling no. 43 with her husband and two sons, and continues to write and lecture about the military brat cultural identity she has been credited with identifying since Military Brats was first published in 1991.

WEEK EIGHT - 30 Dec 10
Guest: Ann Bamberger

Ann Bamberger taught in Whittier, California before joining DoDDS in 1964. Like many others, she planned to teach in Europe, travel and return to Whittier a year or two later; but the next 30 years got in the way. From 1964-74 she taught grades 6-9 in various years in Wiesbaden, Germany and Hahn, Germany; Clark AB in the Philippines; Menwith Hill in Harrogate, England and at Lakenheath JHS at RAF Feltwell. While in England, she earned an MA in education. Ann became an administrator in 1974 and served as an assistant principal at London Central High School at High Wycombe, England and at Kaiserslautern High School in Germany. In 1979 she became principal at SHAPE High School in Mons, Belgium, and later served as principal at SHAPE Elementary School and as supervising principal at Alconbury Elementary School in England. During this time she earned an Ed.D. in Educational Administration and Supervision. In 1984 Ann became District Superintendent in Okinawa, Japan and in 1988 was selected to serve as District Superintendent in Heidelberg, Germany. She retired to Arizona in 1994. Ann joined the AOSHS board in 1996 and served on the site selection committee to find a “home” for the archives.

WEEK SEVEN - 23 Dec 10
Guest: Jon Tarr

BRATCON Radio announces Jon Tarr is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, radio talk show host and writer, having written the Investing Book, The Real Estate Investors Laws of Success. A marketer and "student of people" Jon loves to get into the minds of others to know what contributes to making them who they are. Jon has always been curious about BRAT life, and especially the inner thoughts of those who have lived it. Jon Tarr will give us a “civilian” interpretation of BRAT life. We will take a close look at the differences between the realities of BRAT life, against those perceived from the civilian world. We are also excited to have our first open mic show where callers can share their most memorable BRAT holiday stories. We will also be introducing “you know you’re a BRAT when…”, a series of one liners that takes a lighthearted look at BRAT life.

WEEK SIX - 16 Dec 10
DoDDs teacher
Guest: Fidel E. Gaviola

Fidel E. Gaviola spent over 30 years as a DODDS Counselor, Teacher and Administrator. His career started as a Teacher/Coach at Marsing High School and Kuna High School in Idaho. Fidel's professional experience took him around the globe, highlighted with stops along the way as an Administrator for schools in Puerto Rico, Germany, Philippines, Spain, Italy, Japan, and Turkey.

WEEK FIVE - 9 Dec 10
Berlin: Fall of the Wall/Post Wall
Guests: Christie King Stroupe & Art Swanson

Art Swanson is the Director of User Experience for Allscripts Healthcare Solutions. He grew up as an Air Force brat being raised primarily in Germany (Baumholder and Berlin), but has also lived in Turkey, Pennsylvania, and Nebraska. Forsaking his nomadic roots, he has been in Raleigh NC since his graduation from Berlin American High School in 1990 where he lives with his wife and two young daughters.

Christie King Stroupe is an English and history teacher in Southern California. An army brat, she attended Berlin American High School (BAHS) from 1991-1994, and was valedictorian and class president of the last graduating class. Upon graduating from high school, she attended the University of Texas at Austin, where she received her Bachelors and Masters in history. With a specialization in the history of World War II, she studied abroad in Normandy, France, and Wuerzburg, Germany. After completing her M.A., she moved to Southern California and taught Advanced Placement English and history. As fate would have it, her 6 year old son attends a Waldorf school and receives a German style education.

WEEK FOUR - 2 Dec 10
Berlin: Post WWII/Cold War/Alumni Association
Guests: Laurel Coleman Steinhice, Jeri Glass & Cate Speer

Laurel Coleman Steinhice was among the first BRATS into Germany and lived in Berlin before, during and after the Blockade (1946-53). An author, she details vivid slice-of-life memories of those historic times in Marion's Child. "The 'Brat' experience has had a deep impact on me, on others like me, and on our world," she notes. "History is our heritage, and worthy of remembrance."

Born a BRAT in Ft. Hood, TX, Cate Speer moved 10 times before graduating from high school. Cate went on to serve 3 years in the US Army as a helicopter mechanic in Korea, Saudi Arabia and Iraq during Desert Storm. She graduated summa cum laude from Georgia Tech with a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering.

Jeri Glass is a Military Reunion planner and the Director of the Berlin Brats. She is also the 1st Vice-President of Overseas Brats, an association of all Brats-all schools-all years and was the first Brat to serve on the board of the American Overseas School Historical Society (AOSHS). A former "bean counter," Jeri was raised an Air Force Brat in Germany, and all over the United States.

WEEK THREE - 25 Nov 10
Brat Documentary: Brats Our Journey Home
Guest: Donna Musil

Repeat of week one.

WEEK TWO - 18 Nov 10
Brat Author
Guest: Marilyn Celeste Morris

BRATCON Radio announces Author Marilyn Celeste Morris. We will explore her first non-fiction book, Once a Brat, Always a Brat, which is described as "part travelogue, part therapy session," as she relates the sometimes hilarious, sometimes wrenchingly sad experiences of an Army officer's daughter from 1938 to her father's retirement in 1958. Although she was raised as a Military Brat, Marilyn was born in her grandfather's house in Toronto, Texas, a small Southern Pacific Railroad Section six miles west of Alpine. Perhaps as an omen of what would be the next twenty years of her life, the railroad's abandonment of this settlement shortly afterward left her with no "permanent" home. Schooling consisted of Dependents' Schools while overseas, in Seoul Korea, 1946-47 and Linz, Austria 1949-52 and various schools stateside. Marilyn began her writing career as a guest columnist.

WEEK ONE - 11 Nov 10
Brat Documentary: Brats Our Journey Home
Guest: Donna Musil

Donna Musil is a documentary filmmaker and the Executive Director of the 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit Brats Without Borders. BWB was founded by Musil in 1999 to foster self-awareness and a sense of belonging amongst current and adult military "brats" and other TCKs (Third Culture Kids). Donna wrote and directed BWB's award-winning film, "BRATS: Our Journey Home," the first documentary about growing up military, narrated by Kris Kristofferson, and featuring General Norman Schwarkzopf. BRATS has screened on three continents, including AFN-TV worldwide, and has been featured on CNN's "This Week at War," NPR, Stars & Stripes, USAA magazine, and hundreds of other media outlets. A former labor lawyer, Donna was raised an Army brat in Germany, Korea, and all over the United States. Her father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Judge Advocates General Corp when he died six years after returning from Viet Nam. This is a historic show and we'll be giving away a copy of Donna's film on DVD to Callers with questions or comments for Donna.


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